Pasha Frolov
Web developer from Moscow
In the past 12 years I worked with Design Bureau Shuka, ONY, Redo Bureau, White Russian Studio and some other Moscow design teams.

I stand for simplifying the process of creating and launching digital products.

Now I am engaged in the development of small, medium and large projects. For them I use convenient and flexible Kirby CMS↗︎ or Strapi↗︎, Laravel, Keystone.js, Supabase and modern frontend stack: Next.js by Vercel or Alpine.js.

I adore generative and 3d graphics and often use them in projects. I work mostly with r3f and Three.js. For animations, I use Framer Motion and Lottie.

If you have prepared layouts or complete frontend that needs to be managed, we can start working on the conditions below:

1 — 3 dl / 1 mo. / 150 000 ₽
4 — 8 dl / 2 mos. / 300 000 ₽
> 8 dl / 4 mos. / 450 000 ₽

A Design layout (dl) is a template site page in the form of a file or a set of files. There can be 5 pages with repeating blocks without changing the layout — this work will be rated as 3 design layouts.

As a result you will have managed and optimized website. You can schedule a meeting or discuss the details by email